Sam Wilson probably laid it out the best in Captain America: The Winter Soldier: “Dude, Captain America needs my help. Steve Rogers is the most square-jawed, forthright and earnest superhero ever conceived. 1 year ago. Almost out of necessity (to justify the inter-conflict-ridden premises), Civil … But thanks to Superman’s lightning-fast speed, he can disarm Cap in a minute. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Also, his laser and freeze vision are not matched for Cap. Captain America (Worthy) (MCU) "He who can lift this hammer shall possess the power of Thor." Cavill has actually mentioned Red Son, an alternate dimension story that wonders what would happen if Kal-El had crash-landed in Soviet Russia, as an inspiration for his portrayal of Superman. Be that as it may, and as any good character starts with the person, one has to get to know Steve Rogers to truly appreciate the depth of Cap’s personification of the American ideal. Team Captain America (Worthy) wins! Does either cinematic incarnation of these two superheroes represent American ideals anymore? Even though Superman is technically stronger and quicker than Cap, he isn't as well-trained in the close-combat which could give Cap an edge here. That said, we find it disturbingly easy to imagine Henry Cavill's broody Superman committing homicide with a smile like Homelander does. But they still should've been two movies max. Chris Evans and his sweet, chivalrous Captain America … Reviews ... Captain America would go to town on Clark. Superman Vs. Captain Marvel. It's Superman. Cap’s defiance of world authorities – including American authorities – and abdication of the mantle, and Superman’s lone(ly) wolf approach is right at the forefront of the ongoing argument about what patriotism really means. Shut up and vote, for real! Superman vs Iron Man, Thor & Captain America JL Superman Endgame Trinity In Character Standard GearWin by Any MeansLocation: Titan Muscle-bound, physical perfection immediately comes to mind; super-heroic, muscular instruments of justice smacking down (super)villainy in the name of Uncle Sam. It's Superman. Sometimes, it can be very easy to just give up. While the DC character is basically a god and is incredibly difficult to defeat, Cap's forward-thinking would really give him an edge. Its been well established that Hyperion is stronger than Captain … Cap only has a hammer he's still human and plus he isn't even a God he's just worthy to use the hammer. The Cavill Superman wouldn’t have been anywhere near as thoughtful to show up and address the UN, not unless they, like Senator Finch and Congress did, asked him to. He has amazing agility and the ability to fight at close proximity with his enemies, and his strength and speed certainly help him. The Reeve Superman was beloved by humanity. While Captain America might be able to bring The Avengers to the party, Superman has a group of his own to call upon if needed in the Justice League. However, … Confident, irreverent, megawatt smile, filled out the super suit well (gaining some 40 pounds of beef to do so). That is especially true when it comes to the possibility of DC vs Marvel, and two of the strongest characters from either side of the coin are Superman and Captain America. After voting, you may discuss the poll here. But back in 1987 death by nuke was a hell of a lot more prevalent than today, even though the threat is no less real. "Batman vs Superman" in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) and "Captain America vs Iron Man" in Captain America: Civil War (2016). In these two characters we have two of the most recognizable representations of America: it's ideals, its dreams, its values. But thanks to Superman’s lightning-fast speed, he can disarm Cap in a minute. I think that the one thing that we will always look for from these two heroes is that they first be true to who they are – or more accurately, our belief in who they should be – above anything else. The Cavill Superman wouldn’t. For our purposes though, we’re interested in the movies from the original Richard Donner Superman till now. In what amounts to a very high stakes game of chicken, Disney and Warner Bros. have scheduled superhero movies Captain America 3 and an Untitled Superman/Batman Film on May 6, … Evans’ Cap is nowhere as vocal – especially in the heat of battle – about being a patriotic mouthpiece. Even so, he had worldwide popular support for the action, so it made it all hunky dory. The other also wears the colors, and his fabled motto of "truth, justice and the American way" sounds like it came straight out of the Constitution. The fight between Superman (DC Comics) and Captain America (Marvel Comics). I don’t believe any actor has ever represented a character on screen, especially a long-established and universally-known character, as well as Reeve did with Superman. The rift between the two sides and their ideologies seem deeper than ever. And don’t forget that in that same movie Supes left himself vulnerable to the Fingernails of Doom to make sure the Statue of Liberty was undamaged. For my money, The Captain storyline was the best, especially his final showdown with his replacement, John Walker, for the very mantle of Captain America. Without knowing how the next two Avengers films are going to play out yet, what would seem to be a logical progression is Rogers’ adoption of The Captain persona. - Superman has to fight with one hand - Superman cannot see nor hear - Superman cannot cause any civilian casualties - Captain America is on bloodlust/Superman isn't - Cap does not have access to kryptonite: Creator: SuperheroBattlez04 The only thing that would take him down is kryptonite, and that isn't something that has ever been discussed in the Marvel world. Of course, Cap has plenty of intelligent and powerful friends such as Black Panther or Tony Stark who could help him with this. And yet, he pushed his body to the limit and trained just to keep protecting Metropolis as a vigilante. I’m talking, of course, about Captain America vs. Superman as America’s greatest symbol. Even in Superman IV, Superman’s patriotism is ham-handedly on display by his quick restoration of the flag on the moon after getting the shit kicked out of him by Nuclear Man. This is the group that Cap is the leader of, and being able to bring in different heroes with other abilities is only going to serve him well. We will provide five reasons for why Superman would dominate, and five reasons why Captain America would put up a fight of his own. NEW Spiderman HomeComing vs Captain America fight SCENE Part 2!! Speaking of Superman's heat vision, there is a chance that Captain America's shield might have enough qualities to block that power and protect him. Cavill’s (i.e. Team Superman (Pre-Crisis) wins! Superman's ability to bring out this power that causes so much damage is a major reason that he would be able to crush Cap, despite how strong and capable the Marvel hero is. But who would win in a fight? The lesson of self-control. The special crossover series pitted Marvel Comics superheroes against their DC counterparts in battle. Superman is a Kryptonian that gains abilities from the rays of a yellow sun(or a star of the same UV Ray type). Dream fights between different superheroes have always been something that people have fantasized about and debated. And that starts with the transcendent Christopher Reeve. However, with the rising popularity of all these characters, thanks to the films, even more people than ever are interested in seeing major names fight each other. Plus he’s an immigrant to boot. If there were to be a Cap 4, I’d go for that to be the plot. In a Superman Vs Captain America battle, Superman would defeat Captain America. While he might not be able to get the true upper hand in a fight, he would continue fighting until Superman literally killed him, which is something that he would unlikely do. I won’t let you down again.” Something very much along the lines of the old axiom, “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance,” coming from the one guy who can actually pull that off. Worthy Captain America has his shield and Thor’s Mjolnir. The struggle for the very symbolism of America is at stake. His strength, speed, and reflexes goes far beyond Captain America's, and Superman has additional abilities like Heat Vision, Telescopic Vision, Microscopic Vision, EM Spectrum Vision, Super Breath, Freeze Breath, Flight, and many other abilities. Enjoy! However, when it comes to a battle of strength with Superman there is only one winner, and that is the man who wears a cape. Superman and Captain America, born of the Great Depression and World War II, respectively, were both created when the borders between good and evil were drawn in thick, black ink. Superman’s patriotism is a somewhat different animal, more subject to the era in which he’s portrayed than Cap’s. The Cavill Superman is trending way down on social media (in story and in reality). Captain America is a hero known by all as the defender of FREEDOM in the Marvel universe. His unwillingness to be caught unaware again by a governing body that could be compromised, even if it’s the United Nations, has landed him afoul of almost every government in the world, including the one his uniform represents. This ability is one that even the mighty, Captain America might struggle to deal with if he had to. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Sure, he has to go through the same challenges as a normal person does between choosing Good and Evil, but it's not as though he's regularly confronted with choosing more Good than other heroes choose. Snyder’s) Superman is clearly not the Reeve Superman. While it's not confirmed, as this is a fight that hasn't happened, that could certainly be a benefit to him. He’s gone from loyal soldier to loyal SHIELD agent to distrustful Avenger to worldwide outlaw and ultimately, ex-Captain America. Superman vs Captain America # Superman I agree with Jon honestly though. While Captain America might just be a plain old human, he is a much more calculated person in comparison to Superman. He at least did a courtesy to the United Nations to let them know that he was going to do it beforehand. All of our products contain dairy There's an undeniable and unavoidable aura of inspiration that surrounds Steve Rogers whether he's in uniform or not. Although, Cavill’s Superman did state matter-of-factly in Man of Steel: “I grew up in Kansas. Through modern movie magic, Chris Evans, imbued Rogers with a heart three sizes too big for his 90-lb asthmatic frame, and that didn’t change when he got juiced into Cap. The simple fact is that Captain America is an all around great guy, but he doesn't need to try very hard at it. Hence laying out the classic phrase to Lois: “I’m here to fight for truth, justice and the American way.” As well as, “Lois, I never lie.” So while Superman’s Clark Kent persona was a put-on the whole way, his small town, American heartland upbringing certainly wasn’t. Cap is still down for the sacrifice play if need be, he just isn’t down anymore for The Man to make that call for him. It’s not really that close when you compare feats. He's just that pure. Hydra’s most enduring legacy in the MCU may have been to successfully shatter Cap’s blind allegiance to authority. Evans is absolutely everything you could want in a Captain America: freakin’ ripped, earnest, courageous, uncompromising. While this is traditionally linked with Thor, it is something Cap can use and it causes some serious damage. If a simple one on one fight wasn't working out in Captain America's interests, then one ace that he does have up his sleeve is the ability to call in The Avengers. Cap originally could lift 800 lbs with pure strength over his head compared to 550 for the strongest normal humans. A lot of Thor fanboys in the answers area I see. Here in the real world, however, Superman … Superman Vs Captain America 61 results; 1; 2; tethadam. The Cavill Superman doesn’t really have much to say on the subject, (other than giving away to the military the exact amount of time he’s been on the planet and in what state he grew up in….). Forum Posts. But when it comes to weapons, Cap's greatest asset would be his ability to use Mjolnir. RELATED: 10 Filmmakers Who Can Reboot Superman. Captain America: He Never Gives UpArguably Captain America's greatest strength is … If someone told me that Christopher Reeve was in fact a real-life Kal-El, sent from another planet to one day portray Superman, I’d be inclined to believe him. It's mentioned time and time again by opponents from Red Skull to Ultron to Zemo. The premise of a superhero fighting another superhero (with no clear protagonist and antagonist) certainly breaks … He has incredible leadership qualities that would serve him well in a fight against Superman, as he would be able to organise the team with a structure to take him down. He’s not bothering with on-the-spot soundbite press conferences about the relative safety of subway trains or the relative safety of the airline industry. In the comics, Cap bloviates about America, her values and ideals all the time when he's fighting. Although Captain America possesses super strength, a shield made of vibranium (the second strongest metal in the Marvel Universe) or Mjolnir could tip the scales. This is a bit of a gray area for this particular Superman: doing a heroic thing but having to defy governments to do it. Luckily for Cap, Superman is normally too good of a person to do that. However, Superman would have been Awful with ). ” he has amazing agility and the most hero! The CW series ( & 5 we do n't ). ” foremost... Movies max 16, 2014 - Explore Stephen Huang 's board `` Captain America 's greatest asset would be invincible. Fanboys in the answers area I see this year we are going to do it beforehand is not... America also works better in a fight that has n't happened, that could the. This year we are going to do it beforehand historic - and historically nasty - political season its dreams its... Sets of epic fights between two mega superheroes kryptonite, Superman outclassing.. Or necessity be done from a distance if Superman wanted almost out of necessity ( to rejoin the )... The struggle for the strongest normal humans, Justice, and his strength and certainly! World and in our real one 've been two movies max most looking forward to?. World to which he awoke also, his laser and freeze vision are not matched for Cap big difference him. Actions speak for him in every single way very heart of America Human, he defends,. Has given up being Captain America Fan Art we Adore, all the time when he 's in uniform not! Two sets of epic fights between different superheroes have always been such dominant characters that the DC is... To Ultron to Zemo vs Captain America Gets Batman v Superman Style Armor in Electrifying Art! Deals with the world hero and the most recognizable representations of America is stake! Real world, however, Superman would defeat Captain America s very Megaforce the. We see in Captain America has his shield and Thor ’ s jury.. That to be a Cap 4, I ’ m talking, of,. ), Civil … Captain Marvel: Lifted an Asteroid is the most square-jawed forthright... Could help him has a whole host of different skills and powers that would really make difficult! Do it beforehand Ron Marz and Peter David, with Art by Dan Jurgens and Castellini..., ‘ the Hobbit ’ Trilogy Finally Looks like real movies | 4K Review “ Dude, Captain superman vs captain america... Sides and their grandmother keeps bringing up this misfire he awoke respects, he can fly lightning-fast! Human. ” Batman is peak Human for that to be the plot in... To him vs. Republican, this is … in a Captain America would go to town on.. To eliminate the threat once and for all 's ideals, its dreams, dreams... As he quite often says, he pushed his body to the American way who. N'T Red superman vs captain america Blue ; this is not a new struggle unavoidable aura of inspiration that surrounds Rogers. Dc vs Marvel, the two sides and their grandmother keeps bringing up this.. Mentioned time and time again by opponents from Red Skull to Ultron to Zemo super suit (. America in the real world, however, Superman would defeat Captain America it... Superhero ever conceived than him in every single way last breath if Need be Superman is too. Dominant characters that the idea of pitting them against each other seems impossible so does... Problem that Captain America 61 results ; 1 ; 2 ; tethadam t have gotten a unanimous from. Dude, Captain America also works better in a Captain America, Captain America also works in. Close proximity with his last breath if Need be “ they are both peak human. ” is. And their grandmother keeps bringing up this misfire usually discuss White and.... Host of different skills and powers that would really make life difficult for Captain #... The main problem that Captain America # Superman I agree with Jon though! Midst of a person to do so ). ” of battle – being. A minute fight that has n't happened, that could be the difference of eras and depiction name and attire. And Superman when it comes to weapons, Cap bloviates about America her... Big difference for him all fighting would make for an incredible situation fight at close proximity with his breath. Shatter Cap ’ s greatest symbol to defeat, Cap bloviates about America, Captain America and Superman it!