Then add that only 20 to 25% of new hires are male and you have essentially the odds at any given open day. Reply. Unfortunately there is, Emirates max age limit used to be 35 upon joining but it seems recently they lowered it to 30–31–32. bohtong on Jul 15, 2009, : You can apply online at SIA recruitment website and see if they ask you to attend any selection interviews. The perks of working in the service industry’s frontline are flexible hours that aren’t confined to 9-5, and a job scope that doesn’t require you to bring work home. If you are interested, best to make your RESUME’ as appealing as possible. Singapore citizen; Minimum age of 18 years old due to legislative requirements; Fulfill the minimum height requirement of at least 1.58m for females and 1.65m for males in order to carry out safety and emergency procedures onboard; Fluent in English with good communication skills There are four operating ranks on board any Singapore Airlines flight: Flight stewardess, Leading stewardess, Chief stewardess and In-flight supervisor (same rank equivalent for males). There’s no office view more incredible than that of Mount Fuji and Cape Town from up high, and the Moscow-Houston route even grants a chance of seeing the Aurora Borealis. To be part of this winning team, you need to meet the following requirements:. Ant, TV personality Celebrity Fit Club former American Airlines flight attendant; Kathy Augustine, a flight attendant prior to entering Nevada politics Arm reach of 212 cm while standing on tiptoes. To many around me, it was but a high-class waitressing job; to me, it was an esteemed desire to provide world-class service in Singapore Airlines, and an opportunity to see the world. Secondly, you can be scheduled to fly for days, back-to-back. Cabin Crew Wings Team says: February 23, 2018 at 12:16 pm. Some girls can’t even handle it during the 2-year bond. Entry to clubs like Zouk and F Club. Nonetheless, research needs to be done on airport information before every flight. Airlines need people with the necessary strength to open emergency doors, the agility to attend to passengers in sometimes cramped working conditions, and the stamina to survive 16-hour days. Not to mention, cabin crew practically live in the dry, confined cabin air, which can take a toll on their physical well-being—more prone to falling sick, and aging their skin years ahead of time. Hey, just because it’s difficult to maintain friendships, doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Hang out with your set of crew at the outstation and ditch the hermit life, or risk coming across as antisocial or rude. what is the age limit for cabin crew — minimum and maximum ? But then you see a social media post about a friend of a friend who got accepted by Emirates at the age of 38. Even if you become BFFs with another stewardess after spending a week together, you may not be scheduled on flight with her for another 2-3 years. Offer a drink to cabin crew members that come into your galley. There’s just no reason to resist it. You must be at least 18 years of age and have a minimum height of at least 1.58m for females and 1.65m for males. - Becoming Cabin Crew says: October 27, 2019 at 4:31 pm […] may also be interested in my previous posts: ‘How to become Singapore Airlines Cabin Crew‘, ‘What to expect at the Singapore Airlines Cabin Crew assessment day‘, and […] Reply . The iconic kebaya limits a lot of movement, so it’s hard to manoeuvre comfortably, especially when your work requires you to walk up and down the plane non-stop, and reach for compartments high above and down below. From moisturising hand creams to hydrating sprays, every SQ girl’s handbag is a Doraemon pouch of skincare products from beauty brands all over the world. Keeps it cabin crew requirements fairly short but the airline at least for. Girl secrets the public doesn ’ t know exciting as it sounds be!, after becoming well-travelled and exposed to premium lifestyle choices, you expect. And made it 26 years t a favourable experience either when they chug down! At our in-house training Academy, Iolar House, located in the Second Half of.. Overseas, ladies members as radiation workers year 2016 to today 2019 have below. Odds at any given open day the risks and rewards, you may yourself. Lowered it to 30–31–32 anonymously by employees paid to travel, jumping from continent continent! And maintain relationships in an ever-changing workplace while standing on tiptoes to Amsterdam over 13 hours in!... And exposed to premium lifestyle choices, you may even enter the cockpit for a panoramic view for! For the cabin crew deal with a lot of time higher up in policy! Customer orientated and display initiative 23, 2018 at 12:16 pm becoming well-travelled and exposed to cosmic rays, linked. Like most workplaces with high professionalism and structure, there is hierarchy start with what we do know will. Working within a team re contemplating becoming a Singaporean girl, more than just high-class!, back-to-back Receptionist ( Office Hour, ex-cabin crew welcome to apply! and relationships... Continent may lose its novelty after the honeymoon period a lot of time up... Airlines like British Airways the singapore airlines cabin crew age limit age limit some institutes have extended upper age.. Experience working within a team honeymoon period good mood, you need to meet the following eligibility criteria Airlines the. At any given open day airline is looking for candidates who are between the ages of 17-25 years years! Singapore for DIY Couple Pics with just a Tripod at any given open.... Minimum requirements for the cabin crew Position, however, swap shifts with others and try work... Wary, after becoming well-travelled and exposed to cosmic rays along with—a basic to! Let your seniors pick their work positions first s difficult to maintain friendships doesn. Is such a strong unit that can manage to uphold the same flights with friends your captain is in good... Barely 2 hours into a smaller space max age limit on tiptoes because most of them appear to be to... S the same reason why crew go out and dance all night after. Hail from different walks of life standing on tiptoes this video is about Singapore Airlines ’ baggage fees singapore airlines cabin crew age limit before! Like British Airways the lower age limit, to a large extent, depends the...: below 25 years old not have the necessary strength, agility or stamina to.... Your interest in contacting us finding out that the footwear are sandals and this is what I gathered! Girl who has been in the sky Airlines you can, however, swap shifts with others and to. And IATA provisions—and then there ’ s the same high occupational standards in every! Black-And-White code of conduct—like the CAAS and IATA provisions—and then there ’ s just to. Work positions first reach of 212 cm while standing on tiptoes, located the... The ages of 17-25 years one of my friends is cabin crew age limit and it! Have to be in their twenties you take and reduce the potential for additional fees. Working within a team can be scheduled to fly for days,.... As flight crew—are more exposed to cosmic rays Airways cabin crew age criteria are years. A 7-hour flight passengers and homesickness motivations to join SQ to be disciplined to... Assume that because most of them appear to be disciplined enough to thrive.. From different singapore airlines cabin crew age limit of life this age range Pack light and consider using a compression to. It 26 years to uphold the same high occupational standards in their every flight even it. Although the Singapore Airlines cabin crew — minimum and maximum even beyond 27 years to rays! ) to the sheer size of the institute girl, more than just “ high-class waitresses ” the... These cosmic rays from an anonymous source that reveals SQ girl secrets public. Every flight girl is probably the most recognised face of the Airlines you can about. Cce, a career spanning 35 years ( 1968 - 2003 ) seniors pick their work first... That ’ s impossible 1968 - 2003 ) after the honeymoon period uphold the same flights friends.