But stitching down a strip of bias tape while it encloses all those bulky layers can seem like a daunting task. Finishing off the ends of bias tape is exactly the same for both single fold and double fold bias tape. To create double fold, simply press in half again. Use short stitches through just the … Thank you, Julie! Binding Corners with Single-Fold Bias Tape. 14. Binding with bias tape – fully turned inside. Method 1. Sew with a 1/4" seam allowance and press the seam open. Lay the long end of the binding on the quilt as shown. It should lay flat & you shouldn't be able to tell which seam was the last seam sewn together in the binding. As a general rule, single-fold bias tape is used to bind an edge, and it is usually seen from the outside of the garment. Hand sew the binding in place to finish your project. (This will account for the 1/4" seam allowance needed on each of the pieces. Instead of sewing right above the fold of the tape you are going to sew 1/16″ or ⅛” on the right. Jun 22, 2013 - Great tutorial on how to attach double fold bias tape with mitered corner. 12. 13. I've never had the nerve to try hexagons but would love to with this ruler! The binding is made from a wide strip of bias-cut fabric that’s folded down the center lengthwise. 24. Double fold binding requires at least 2″ … Join the pieces of bias tape so that you have one continuous piece a few inches longer than the perimeter of the quilt. So many of my friends can't say enough about it. Single Fold Bias bindings are what comes straight out of using a bias tape maker tool. Hem a Circle Skirt with Bias Tape Hemming a circle skirt can be tricky. Make sure that the free end of the bias tape is folded under to prevent the raw edge of the bias tape from showing. You are binding a beautiful quilt, Julie! *Please note it is less durable and not recommended for quilts that will be used and washed often. Cut along the new line to trim off the excess binding. 10. This is just what I do for single fold bindings on mini quilts, but I do one extra step before I sew the binding to the quilt: I turn one long edge of the binding in a scant 1/4" before I sew it on the quilt, then I sew it onto the quilt using the raw edge, just like you do. I'll have to try it out on my next mini :). As mentioned above the process can be transferred to sewing quilt … 4. Wrap the bias tape over the edge of the quilt to the front side and press with an iron. This is to give us extra fabric that we will need at the end. }. Ashley shows how to sew double fold tape in place by simply wrapping it over the edge of your project and sewing both sides in place at the same time. I bought the hex n more ruler this past spring along with a pattern. It will naturally wrap itself around the quilt in the way it should lay. 15. Fold your bias … Single-fold bias tape has two folds and double-fold bias tape has three. On a sleeve opening for example. Lay the quilt out flat with the back facing up. 1. Straight grain binding, because it has fewer threads along the binding edge, is a weaker edge finish. However, Single Fold Bias Tape, can be used as a fun and easy way to finish a circle skirt. (Don't press much in the corners.). Sew the two pieces together with a 1/4-inch seam and press the seam open to reduce bulk. Enter your email address to havemy blog delivered to your email. The binding is fully turned to the back of the fabric in this binding method. To attach the binding to the back of your quilt, re-fold the binding to the way it was folded in the package. 18. I also follow the same steps as above. Great tutorial; perfect pictures and descriptions! ° angle as shown below if it is not already cut at a. Gently press the binding in place on top of the glass head pins. I've definitely struggled when binding small items. Unfold the bias tape. Fold the bias tape neatly at the corners. Take your time & be precise with this step. This is a bias strip with just a single fold down the center.Binding with this tape will give you a top stitching line 1/2 inch from the edge. Continue around until you reach the starting point. 2. Nebula is a block of the month quilt made with the  Hex N More  &  Super Sidekick  rulers, templates are included in the pattern. Some believe bias wears better on the edge of a quilt due the extra threads along a bias line. Continue sewing the binding in place with a 1/4" seam allowance stopping and repeating the steps above at each corner. Oct 23, 2019 - A full tutorial with pictures on how to bind a quilt. 5. Finish sewing the binding in place with a 1/4" seam. Use this accessory to easily bind the edge of your quilt. For a seamless look to your binding, piece the binding only at the mitered corners. Preview the Journey to Nebula Exclusive Patterns & It's the Last Chance to Sign Up for the Journey. Sewing straight lines is an important part of sewing bias tape and having a professional finished product. Wrights also makes a 7/8" Wide Double Fold Bias Tape (called Quilt Binding) that works the same way. 22. Sewing Single-Fold Bias Binding. Stop 1/4" from the corner and backstitch. Most fabric stores carry bias tape in a variety of colors or you can make your own from fabric that matches or contrasts with your quilt. finishing up the binding ON THE QUILT has always escaped me. 1. I sew double fold binding very similar to how I sew single fold bias tape. Use an iron on medium heat to press the binding away from the front of the quilt. For the last seven years, Barbara has worked in a public university system designing online college courses and developing training materials for faculty and students. Matching sewing thread (for the purpose of this tutorial we are using a contrasting white color thread), ruler, bias tape maker, fabric pen or chalk, scissors, sewing machine, iron You might consider this if you're using a thick quilt batting or just prefer the look of a wider binding. Repeat around the entire quilt top. I like to start my binding around the middle of a quilt side. So we are going to focus on double fold bias tape … Binding the edges of the quilt should be the last step in making the quilt, after you've finished quilting by machine or by hand. When working with miniature quilts, wall hangings and uneven lines, single fold binding is appropriate. The last chance to sign up for the Journey to Nebula sew along is here. Traditional bias binding, as you would expect, is the old-fashioned way to bind a quilt. The middle crease will enclose the raw edges of your quilt as the other half of the binding wraps around to the back. Align one edge of the bias tape with the edge of the quilt and pin all the way around the quilt. ... I’m hosting a sew along! Single versus double fold binding. 17. Two join two pieces of bias tape, cut each end at a 45 degree angle. 9. Single fold bias tape can be used instead of facing to create a finished edge, especially around a curve. Backstitch both at the beginning and the end. Fold it back onto the quilt as shown and put a pin in place to hold it. I bought this ruler and the mini obe as well. Single fold tape, rather, is first sewn to one side of the project and then wrapped around the edge and secured to the other side. Start by taking your bias tape to the ironing board and fold in half and press. In an attempt to take a shortcut to finishing my 4th of July quilt I purchased the 'Double fold bias tape quilt binding' which is .875 in wide.I stitched it on using my 1/4" foot. 21. For the life of me, I could not think how it would differ from double layered binding. I THINK I GOT IT! But wait! 6. How to Sew Single Fold Bias Tape . You will see why in a second. Clip the seam and fold bias to the wrong side of the fabric (towards inside). How to Bind a Quilt using Double Fold Binding. Single-fold bias tape is bias tape with each raw edge folded in toward the center, wrong sides together, and pressed. Fold your bias binding so you have a neat folded edge underneath your first piece of bias, stitch over. Start in the middle of one side of your item. 11. Draw a line 1/2" further past the first line. Piece strips together at a 45 ° angle to create one continuous strip long enough to … Intro to the Bias Binding/Bias Facing Tutorial Posts. Flip the quilt so that the top is facing up. Cut binding strips 1 1/4" wide. Turn the raw edge under and pin in place with glass head pins. Store bought bias tape works wonderfully and is the quickest method. // Leaf Group Lifestyle, Double-fold extra-wide bias tape, 2 inches longer than the perimeter of the quilt. But as with all things "quilting", there is never one, single right answer. How about you?!? Single fold binding is great for Mini Quilts and small projects. Fold the binding away from the quilt top as shown. Jun 22, 2013 - Great tutorial on how to attach double fold bias tape with mitered corner. Use a needle and thread to hand sew the front of the bias tape in place. Thanks for the tutorial - I've always gone for my standard double fold not really quite sure how to handle the raw edge but you make it look easy. Trim the seam allowance to a 1/4" and press seams open. No part of this tutorial may be reproduced without written consent of Jaybird Quilts. When used as a trim, they also provide a decorative color accent to clothing and crafts. ... Then, fold over the bias tape again so that half of the bias tape is on each side of the fabric’s edge. All rights reserved. To bind the raw edges of a project, we first need to make enough binding to cover the total length of the outside edges of the project, with a little bit leftover. Stop 9" to 10" from where you started to sew the binding on the quilt. When you reach the starting point again, fold over the end of the bias tape approximately 1/2 inch and finish the seam so that it overlaps the starting point by approximately 1 inch. Leave a 5" - 7" tail of binding loose at the start, & sew binding onto quilt with a 1/4" seam allowance. IL042 894 Premier Finish for the bias tape and IL019 ANTIQUE WHITE Softenedfor the bodice. Traditionally, single fold binding is usually cut into 1 1/4″ wide strips. You saved me this morning with this tutorial, Thank you again! By Cheryl Fall . Use short stitches through just the fold to make the seam almost invisible. Fold your binding in half lengthwise, wrong sides together, and press to create your double fold binding. Carefully press the binding around to the back. It helps to fold the quilt so you don't have to pull on the ends as much. I did NOT unfold the right half as I stitched it on so the 'fold' is stitched along the cut edge of my quilt. This technique uses a sewing machine and hand sewing to make binding without showing stitches. Straight grain binding is much more stable and can be a great choice to stabilize the edges of a quilt with bias outer edges. Remove the quilt from your machine, and fold the binding up, away from the quilt, at a 90-degree angle. thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for this tutorial. Ashley also shares some of the other ins and outs of bias tape including how to attach it around a corner making what is known as a … Single fold bias tape may be sewn down in the form it came out of the package, using basic sewing machine stitches or a decorative stitch. Miter each corner as you go. There are many options for binding the edges of a quilt. Barbara Thompson has a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology from Clayton State University and more than 10 years experience developing print and web-based training materials for various industries. Sign up for Nebula Block of the Month Emails, Journey to Nebula: A skill builder series, My Secrets to Piecing 60-Degree Triangles, Quilt Binding Basics - Part 3 (Scrappy Bias Binding How-to). Use a needle and thread to hand sew the front of the bias tape in place. 16. Single fold binding reduces corner bulk when working with butted borders. This “How To” is intended to help overcome the tendency of not catching the underside of single fold bias tape or ribbon* with the stitches. It was only a method I picked up and tried when I started wanting to create quilts and patchwork as a hobby for friends and family. The binding around the edge of your quilt is what gives it that final, professional finish. Open the bias tape and pin the raw-edged of the fabric together. Wrap the bias tape over the edge of the quilt to the front side and press with an iron. 6. © 2014-2019 Julie R. Herman. Lay the starting tail of the binding on top of the long end as shown and use a ruler to mark the location on the longer piece. Aug 13, 2018 - how to bind a quilt with double fold bias tape - Google Search To see how this is done, check out the tutorial for the One Shoulder Dressy Dress, which explains it in detail with pics.. Here's where you want to use the Quilt Binder Set. Once the binding is ironed in place, remove the glass head pins and replace them with wonder clips. 3. This makes so much sense--great photos and instructions for this quilting newbie! I can not wait till our Sept. retreat to try it out. Sew down the fold line in the bias binding. For more information on this topic, see The Bias Quilt Binding Debate. I'm a long time quilter, and I am a very visual learner (several things I just cannot do unless I have someone teach me in person). I find it is less fiddly to do this than to try to press under that edge after it is sewn onto the quilt. Step 2 To add mitred corners on quilt binding, use a binding clip to hold the corner, fold the binding back down onto your quilt, aligning the raw edges along the next side. 7. Very cool! Before you sew it, take this tip into consideration. It's called Journey to Nebula . Fold your tape to create a 90 angle, with your tape running down along your towel’s edge, pin and then stitch. Yotako Single/Double Fold Bias Tape Maker Tool Kit Set, 6MM/12MM/18MM/25MM Fabric Bias Tape Maker Tools 4 Sizes DIY Sewing Bias Tape Makers for Quilt Binding 4.5 … Slide a small cutting mat underneath the long tail of binding as shown. Trim the starting edge of the binding to a. Pin the front of the bias tape in place all the way around the quilt. 1. Step 7. Bias Binding Quilt Binding Quilting For Beginners Quilting Tips Sewing Hems How To Finish A Quilt Sewing Lessons Bias Tape Fabric Manipulation. Unfold your bias tape and pin one of its raw edges to one straight edge of your project aligning the two right sides together. Ive done candy dish and look forward to trying many more. 8. Align the binding with the quilted mini quilt, right sides together as shown. With any bias tape, the back side of the tape is slightly wider than the front, as you can see below. Hemera Technologies/Photos.com/Getty Images, How to Figure Out How Much Binding & Backing for a Quilt, Instructions for Making Baby Quilt Panels, Copyright 2021 Leaf Group Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Just as I fold back the edge of my bias tape before I begin, I also do that to my binding. Step 6. Pin the front of the bias tape in place all the way around the quilt. For the single-step binding, simply slip the folded bias tape with the narrower side on the top around the raw edges of the project you are finishing and sew it on close to the edge. There are a few different sizes and widths of ready-made bias tape, with the narrow single-fold tapes to the very wide blanket bindings, but today we are going to be using the most common form: extra-wide double-fold bias tape. Love the back too. It is also best for scalloped or curved edges especially if the binding is cut on the bias. Single fold binding has come to mean sewing an unfolded strip of fabric to the edge of a quilt, then wrapping the raw edge around to the back, tucking in the edge, and sewing in place {essentially folding it like double fold bias tape…see where the confusion begins? As promised in my post yesterday about the new 1940’s Apron pattern, here’s the first tutorial for attaching bias binding.. Pre-made bias fold is pretty darn old, and whoever came up with the idea of pre-packaging pre-folded bias tape was a genius. It wi... 2021 is fast approaching & I'm getting excited for the Nebula Block of the Month to kickoff in January! Bias tape tape and ribbon are used to bind and enclose straight or curved fabric edges. Place the ends right sides together as shown. The only exception is that I don’t have a “ditch” to sew into. It should be 90. This method is popular for quilters to bind the edge of their quilt and is often used. Place the raw edge of the binding along the raw edge of … For the purpose of this tutorial, we are using two contrasting fabrics. Each lengthwise half of the strip is then folded again before being attached to the quilt, giving the top and back of the quilt each two layers of binding. Use a ruler and rotary cutter or scissors to trim the edges so that all three layers are even all the way around the quilt. The following procedures show how I applied Wrights 1/2" Wide (called Extra Wide) Double Fold Bias Tape to my baby quilt. To make it even better, it can add an interesting pop of color to the inside of the garment. You've shown me an easier way - I really appreciate this. Sew along the first fold in the bias tape all the way around the quilt. If you’re a beginner you might find this step pretty challenging so be patient if this is your first time sewing bias tape for arm holes. There are 2 exclusive free patterns that you will receive in your e... strip long enough to go around the entire quilt. For this we can use a single bias tape which is 1.5 inch wide ( total width). Lay out your quilt on a flat surface. Use an edge-stitching foot if you have one to help keep your stitching consistently close to the edge. Using bias tape is relatively easy and gives the quilt a clean, finished look. Mark the 1/4" on the binding if needed. Thank you so much for the tutorial. 19.