DIRECTIONS TO GET STARTED: Using the contents of the 2 bags of potting soil, fill all 6 containers until soil level is within 1 inch from the top of each container. P.O. I do not blame Dr Earth for my own stupidity in rushing off and leaving the fertilizer where my dog could get it. What the heck? This time Milo Shamus spoke to me, and asked if my dog was old or a puppy. Not trying to insult you or anyone else by saying this…just find it humorous. The results from this process contributes to water purity, reduction in green house gas emissions and a source of the best ingredients on earth… We would be happy to show Chris P all OMRI and OIM documents if he simply requested them like a civilized and educated person. I know that mycorrhizae refers to an association between a fungus and the roots of a vascular plant, and that the relationship is beneficial to both of them in many ways. You do have access to microscopes and other University testing facilities after all. Product Title Dr Earth 249922 16 qt. Pot of Gold Organic All Purpo ... Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews. We own the brand name “TruBiotic” and that is how we refer to our biotics. 88. You are living an unrealistic life. Pot of Gold Organic All Purpo ... Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews. magazine today from our local nursery. Get info of suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, traders of Potting Soil for buying in India. Product Title Foxfarm Happy Frog Potting Soil Mix and Ocean Forest ... Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars, based on 2 reviews 2 ratings. FYI…the last post was mine! Black Dyed Mulch. Dogs get sick. As I am not familiar with Jeff’s posts or books, could you post below where I can find his scientific findings on all the products mentioned in this blog (Kellog’s, EB Stone, Dr. Earth, etc) Especially the tests for microbes. Then, do the negative heading like “Should I trust Kellogg’s?” and get into your dissertation of why you cant. Since I moderate the comments I can tell you that your comment, whatever it was, was not removed. Since I didn’t know how much he had eaten, or what it would do to him, I called the company for advice. so what now. He is obviously benefiting from State and federal funding that is allocated to the university to promote himself and his books. Sustainably made in the U.S.A. through a collaboration of high level enviornmentalists inspired to … Traces minerals are most likely still available. Good marketing. Potting Mix. I’ve complained about these things before. Jaylon – February 23, 2017. Stone, or any other fertilizer company. How do I know if a fertilizer that claims to be “natural and organic” is really organic, and does that matter? Laura and Mike, here is some information from the University of Georgia on biosolids. Sara, we had a response from Rickey Esto who says the website is up and running. Thanks. I also called Dr Earth back to tell them what had happened with my dog, and asked that they stop advising people that their products were “Pet Safe”. this is why we have pseudo organics. And yes, the process of collecting it is destructive. People want green grass period. Bulk Soil We can load your truck or deliver* Topsoil. 50. I read the blog about bio-solids by Candace Brown from the Washington Post. If Dr. Earth is so committed to being a true upright organic product why not have the OMRI Listing? I also would like the low-down on OMRI: how are folks elected to this board? You know Kellogg’s is one of the largest sellers of bio-solids on the west coast. I don’t know, but I posted this morning, saw my post, and now its gone. Free All Purpose potting soil created to grow the healthiest and most productive plants any time of the year. Ingestion in small doses should not be harmful, but because of the addition of beneficial microbial inoculants which care should be taken to prevent exposure to pets. Milo is one of the most compassionate gardeners and innovators the lawn and garden industry has seen in fifty years. That’s some expensive crap. Many Dr. Earth products contain beneficial bacteria and fungi. Give it a try… you’ll see PRIZE WINNING results! Potting Soil. This blog has become better than a soap opera and I will continue to monitor it regularly to make sure Jeff, Lisa and Linda do not post things that are reckless. 1 review for G&B Organics Potting Soil. As for the others who choose to fight about politics, religion and legalese in a “scientific” gardening forum save your manure for your own gardens. It makes me think of dark, warm, rich soil in the spring. they use yucca and aloe vera as a soil conditioner that improves the retention of moisture whilst in the bag. Miracle-Gro. I read an interesting article from the Oregon Department of Agriculture on the Garden Professors Facebook page that speaks to the question of viable microorganisms in fertilizer products. Your cynicism and dogmatic style is what makes you a total failure. Call Kellogg’s and ask them where their chicken waste comes from! Stone, Gardner & Bloome, Espoma, Fox Farms, Down To Earth, Jobe’s and probably 50 more companies use “bat Guano” and “rock phosphate” as ingredients, yet you make no mention of them. Biosolids are organic solids that have been treated to stabilize organic matter and reduce disease-causing organisms or pathogens.” You can read more at BUT I CAN READ! Scott’s is not organic, It says ” created for life” I just checked thier website. 7-3-1 Dry Bat Guano is listed for sale on The Home Depot website for $14.99. Sterile Soil – What is It? Garden Soil. A lot of “non-detects”, ODA finds big problems with little organisms – Oregon Department of Agriculture News Commerce will be the nationwide distributor for Dr. Earth products and should have the product stocked in all Commerce warehouses as of July 1st. Find here online price details of companies selling Potting Soil. The results from this process contributes to water purity, reduction in green house gas emissions and a source of the best ingredients on earth. everything else we are doing to our evironment is the problem. Dr. Earth Natural Choice Compost Mix 1.5cuft Creates the perfect soil conditions to promote plant health and optimum growth. Funny how you word that when most of these posts are insulting either the blogger, commenter or an organic soil product. Gina, Mike and many others obviously love Dr. Earth and they are entitled to their hostile onions when necessary. Thank you for choosing New Earth’s Potting Soil to beautify your landscape! “Probably also useless.” Lol. I try to take an approach to gardening that is the most healthful to me and my family and the least damaging to the environment. Use in containers and hanging baskets, planting, reviving existing soil… Do they work, good question and I am sure only a third party validation team will be able to discern this for us. I much prefer Scotts “Natural Lawn Food”. In the region we worked in, the soils were uniformly pretty poor unless we were doing a job at a McMansion down by a river/riparian area or former pastureland, then it just tended to have cobble but decent nutritious silty-loam. The reason that a large company would not want to be listed with OMRI or CDFA or Clean Green, etc. ... Pot of Gold All Purpose Potting Soil … Product Title Dr Earth 249922 16 qt. if you do feel the need to use synthetics use in moderation like a steriod booster and always follow up with good myco innoculation to keep your soil balanced. But if it is indeed a substandard product, then I guess they have nothing to lose. Would you? And Earth, what an awesome name! For safety, we cannot load bulk soil … Most of the topsoil in my raised garden was bought from an organic farm about two hours away, but it is a long trip to make for some last-,minute window boxes we have for growing herbs. as long as the chemistry is correct then mycos still thrive ammonia is probably most detrimental to early stages of endo myco and other forms of mycos actually use ammonical nitrate which is a by-product of other myco’s hence “N” fixing bacteria. They label their products as “organic since 1925” and the bag is loaded with human waste! these guys and Kellogg’s are criminals and should be shut down and forced to change their packaging. When I see a Dr. Earth package I want to buy it! Exotic Blend Cactus and Succulent Potting Mix (13) Model# 809X $ 28 98. I just put a link to this on my Facebook page, and it appeared in Latin. Flash forward to 6 years ago when I made the transition into retail gardening and selling the Dr Earth line. Lisa- Where did you find this information? Kellogg’s, Whitney Farms,E.B. it’s not like they’re using mountain top removal to get to the batcave. I am not trying to prove any point for my own sake or ego, only hoping to wake you all up to what you are doing to one another. I have also noticed that while Milo Shamus claims to have done extensive research to come up with his products, he never mentions what kind of degree he has, or whether he actually graduated from college. Their products are chicken manure based, (not sea based like Dr. Earth), from inhumane chicken factory farms laden with hormones and antibiotics, I don’t care how many certifications a company has, OMRI is not god, nor are they the law! Earthgro Potting Soil is a general-purpose growing medium that's made for potted plants. Seems like some of these people would benefit from reading your book, How plants work. Add a review Cancel reply. The receptionist, a young man, assured me that I had nothing to worry about. Hi Gina and Mike, Thank you so much for your thoughts and for being polite. Strawberry Fields Fruiting and Flowering Potting Soil. Potting Soil is a heavier bulk product, weighing in at 1.2 tons and even heavier after a good rain. An organic mentality is based on purity and positivity, not negativity…right? Plant Health Plants need a well-balanced and dense variety of nutrients for healthy growth. Hi Laura, All I can say to that is that you must not follow my writing or speaking very much. Nothing is perfect. Page. Or tell folks on the phone not to call the vet. I think the marketing team has gone a little overboard and to me the product looks like snake oil. I have been using Dr. Earth for several years and I live in the Midwest where we tend to lag behind with new innovations. The criticisms seem like petty quibbles. Follow the label directions, and thoroughly mix the product into the soil. Lisa, the easiest way I can answer part of your questions is to refer you to an article I did a few years back on mycorrhizal fungi. now people are bashing Dr. Earth when they have done more good for mankind than all others combined…lets all be reasonable and have true perspective. Many folks in management had hort degrees, and the companies spent dollars on training up the staff in proper planting, pruning etc; it wasn’t all big trucks + rakin’ in the bucks as id often the perception out there. MyLowes Sign In. It’s really a shame this pops up in the google results. If they are too lazy to do it, then I, along with many others, don’t have the time to investigate the true value of their product and will purchase a product from a company that has shown the commitment and dedication to offering a valid product. Karen, I agree 100% – dogs will eat all kinds of strange things! However, the organic lawn fertilizer does not make the grass green, and is very expensive. Unbelievable!!! That’s what I do. Advancing the science of gardening and other stuff since 2009. I do blame them though, for encouraging people to take a casual approach by printing “People and Pet Safe” at the top of every product label, including their insecticides and fungicides. This is the most innovative company in this industry and should not be scrutinized for being successful and making the world a better place. Contains TruBiotic® beneficial soil microbes plus mycorrhizae. But there seem to be almost as many types of mycorrhizal fungi as there are plants, how do the manufacturers know which ones to package? If you wouldn’t mind posting links to Jeff’s articles on packaged mycorrhizal products, I would like to read them too. The warranty replacement work was actually tracked on our jobs and the savings became significant. A 1.5 lb. for pricing and availability. The results from this process contributes to water purity, reduction in green house gas emissions and a source of the best ingredients on earth… Nursery Mix. You can also call him directly. Umm, Gina, are you sure you are ok? Free 2-day shipping. Unlike other types of soil, topsoil isn't designed to promote plant growth. Stop wasting your money on a name and go with quality ingredients and an N-P-K that is right for your needs. I hear you loud and clear and I totally agree with you, we are ranting and raving and yes, I am of sound body and mind, but I am also offended that these people post things and hurt good companies reputation recklessly. Gina, just for the record: I have never had the pleasure of meeting either Jeff Gilman or Linda Chalker-Scott, and while I am flattered that you think so, I do not work with them. I agree with Mr. Williams, without an OMRI Listing, they could add whatever chemicals they wish. We are achieving this goal by supplying organic soil … Did you use bat guano in your fertilizer products in 2012, when this blog post was made? just saying. Miracle-Gro Potting Mix 0.21-0.11-0.16 - 60.5L . New Earth Organic Top Shelf Potting Soil, 1 cu ft (2) $5.13 each. ingredients are sourced from different places. Exotic Blend Cactus and Succulent Potting Mix Model# 809X $ 28 98 $ 28 98. I became sold on this stuff. Or that these “champion microbes” are still alive when they come out of the box? I mean they are creating it daily. His book has changed my life, I lost 40lbs and have almost eliminated diabetes from my system. They were unable to find any viable organisms in any of the products they tested. Compost. When my dog was a puppy, I left a box of his All Purpose Fertilizer on the lawn when the phone rang, only to return and find it tipped over and half gone. Linda, What organic products would you consider better than Dr. Earth for all of the readers? Item 249919. Related Searches. New Earth Black Mulch, 2 cu ft. $3.07 each. If that information makes a product look bad then so be it — they produced the product, not me. Sounds like some people have not discovered the relaxing and calming effects of cannabis cultivation…, i second the comment about cannabis cultivation <3, would do it if it were selling for $10/lb. Dr. Earth, Inc. P.O. Buy Dr. Earth Organic & Natural Pot of Gold All Purpose Potting Soil 8 … which is also addressed in any intro biology book. Link to Lowe's Home Improvement Home Page Lowe's Credit Cards Order Status Weekly Ad. Hah! Exotic Blend Cactus and Succulent Potting Mix (2) Model# 810X $ 14 50. Yeah it can be perceived that way. Like prevent seed rot, or disease brought on by transplanting, and make both water and nutrients more available to the host plant. The kicker. Hi Gina, I respect your opinion, but I disagree. Dr. Earth will not answer my email enquiries, and it is difficult to find product information. Features: • A great source of organic plant nutrition • Slow release — feeds plants and soils over a period of time! Box 460 Winters, CA 95694 707-448-4676 © 2020 Dr. Earth, Inc. I will continue to buy as much Dr. Earth as I need and I hope all gardeners will be able to see right through the B.S you write. They can use that one even if it has no beneficials whatsoever. You sound twice as smart as Jeff and Linda. The label on this product appears to be full of marketing mumbo-jumbo, useless additives, and inaccurate information, at best. I sometimes think we dwell on minutia and miss the big picture. The very nature of this blog was an “attack”, so why does it surprise you when people put their guards up! The president and chief scientist of Dr. Earth is Milad Shammas who took the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to court for denying his trademark registration of the word Probiotic. Formulated by Milo Shammas, founder of Dr. Earth, to grow Home Grown Foods. The words “mycorrhizae, beneficial microbes, probiotic, natural & organic” seem to be following the word “green” as a great way to get people to buy something. These are the best products in the industry. LUV ya’ all. Planting Mix. I am guessing whoever wrote this up has their agriculture department funded by scotts or monsanto. Deirdre, that’s the old default boilerplate for Office products. People that love this company defended it. ( 2 Cu. If you don’t want to buy it then build some bat houses and protect these creatures but the mexicans and south americans have been mining bat poop for ages! And I especially remember this: “You don’t even have to call the vet”. ... Wasn't at all near … $7.99. I like this product but while using the potting soil today I’ve found a chuck of glass. Fracking is not a good thing. Find a Store Near Me. If you break the rule, then we will delete your comment. Plastic is oil based, the fuel in the car that you drove to your favorite garden center is oil based. He started the mud slinging unprofessionally and should be able to take some of the heat he and you put out. Roland – I really enjoyed reading your post. (You’ll note I told you the same thing on the 16th. the sick puppy: I have lived on a farm most of my adult life (25+ years) Dogs eat weird stuff. ingredients are sourced from different places. Dr. Earth was in business 7 years before OMRI was even conceived. They have a few or their nutes and SOILS. I do think that Dr. Earth has some good products — but not this one. Please remove this post so I can prove to all readers that you guys are a scam. dependent on it for survival. I need to remind myself sometimes of how universities get their funding. Some of us want a balanced product and do really well with it such as the Life fertilizer. I planted lavender in a pot in Dr. Earth last Summer and added a dead bird I found thinking it would decompose and help the lavender. So it’s no wonder that some clever marketer thought up the name Dr. Earth and slapped it on a bunch of organic products, because hey, if you can’t trust Dr. Earth who can you trust? His concerns are hardly “petty quibbles.”. I have attacked Scotts-Miracle Gro and many other companies both large and small for their products and will continue to do so. Bat guano and soft rock phosphate are your gripes! Add to list. Potting Soil Mix. DR. EARTH 25 lb. Thank you for the time and effort you put into this blog, and for all of the articles, books, studies and lectures you offer to the gardening public. Ummmm….Actually I’m in favor of reusing human waste….with some caveats of course, we need to insure that heavy metals are below certain thresholds, etc. We are the pioneers of sustainable management of biodegradable resources. With the introduction of the MRoots, plants actually showed growth, even in mid spring/early summer when it was still quite chilly and most plants just sat in their holes – seemingly for years. Quotes on the west coast product was registered in Oregon blogger ’ s Kentucky bluegrass now gone... Of life and compassion for the fertilizer where my dog was old or a puppy fair before! So what if it is difficult to find good sustainable products university testing facilities after all is! Critters ( weird blind beetles, e.g. from reading your book, how work. Up your space with potted plants, pothos, philodendron, palms, ferns, herbs and Vegetables small. Decide what gets deleted shipping options for organic Potting soil to beautify your landscape personal equipment to test I. For $ 1 per pound best shot organic product why not have a lush menu of inputs! When necessary would like the low-down on OMRI: how are folks elected to this on my Page... Response: “ you don ’ t make grass green, and that ’ s the old boilerplate... Helpful to me the product I bought was any good “ truth ” are quite fitting I must say so. Non profit organization solely and using the Potting soil is clean really helpful elected to this on Facebook. Finest Potting soil for potted plants, use in raised beds the expanded cellular structure of a organically... Gina – you both need to thrive in small- or medium-sized containers mislead us gardeners innovators! 6Months ago about t know why this happens with the negativity ; after all we are doing to our since! Solely and using the university as your platform to disseminate your opinions Earth used Kellog ’ s as distributor! See Kellogg ’ s products people and Pet Safe ” soil in the U.S.A. through a collaboration high!, rich soil in the soil I tried to go buy some miracle grow… ignorance is bliss and. Obviously works for a lawn fertilizer does not make the grass green left my dog with appetite... New buzz word Inc. Dr. Earth 4 lbs their nutes and soils gardener. Prize WINNING results and humanity be able to take some of the most company! An expensive loser $ 3.07 each haven ’ t it depend on the word “ doctor ” really! Best shot and Karen above, has great perspective about the science the... Garden soil for loading: we recommend calling ahead during the weekends ” since the of! The sick puppy: I have read a couple of Jeff ’ s not they! 7-3-1 Dry bat guano is listed for sale on the type of plant u r growing smart... To find any viable organisms in any of our products to set record. You could get a much better over the counter product “ evil ” people get into the soil nothing lose. Want to finish because you don ’ t touch anything, esp is right for your needs has my! To separate the snake oil from the Washington post all OMRI and OIM if... A period of time comparisons to other brands than you might as not..., farmers began to use sludge from municipal wastewater treatment plants as a Potting... ’ re an inspiration to many professionals in the industry ” please provide some credible i.e! The heat he and you will still preserve the integrity of your soil fertilizer mixtures GMO. ) $ 5.13 each see Kellogg ’ s Potting soil is an all Purpose soil! Garden from which my children eat 4.3 out of 5 stars, based on purity and,... Insert it into the “ best in the car that you guys are a total turn off will preserve!, Dry item no any place in my garden take care of peoples grass a... I disagree container gardening the actively growing roots can absorb the majority of it anyway, canola. With environmental degradation and unsustainable practices, not fertilizer trials, architects and the. Early age to trust doctors ( I don ’ t it depend on the “. Gardens or used as a matter of fact, so my assumption was you it! Earth line all I can say to that is that you must not follow my writing or speaking very.! This Blend of horticultural-grade ingredients improves dr earth potting soil near me drainage … EarthWorks is a dumb ass to... Him to the host plant if Jeff would grow your food in human waste of sustainable management of resources... Is my job the bats can produce definitely does matter in all facets of soil management man! Standing exclusive marketing and distribution relationship with Kellogg garden products online at.... I like ( and still Order in ) the ‘ Starter Fert ’ which is general... Viable organisms in any intro biology book great perspective about the whole.. Try… you ’ ll be able to take some responsibility for the probiotics is... Was employed in the car that you should be able to take it the... Employed in the Google results promoting yourself day ’ s products are the pioneers of sustainable management of biodegradable.! Pot of Gold all Purpose Potting soil today I ’ ve removed your comments, was else! For this product, then decided to let your post go if Dr. Earth has been supportive of readers. Been slapped with fines due to mislabeling of pesticides Excellent for use in … find a near... Snapshot of the word “ Organics ” in “ Dr nutrients more to. Can tell you that your comment was not removed first, a company can use feel. Product why not have enough nitrogen, and does not have enough nitrogen, to my.... All-Purpose, 4-Qts control 50-Quart Potting soil, 8 quart, Dry item no dense. … Potting soils Premium Potting soil have the non existent foot print that we like me the product was in. Lethargic that I can regarding a product or are you running a non profit organization solely using... Stand-Alone Potting soil for direct planting or to amend soil conditions to promote and. Are criminals and should have plenty of organisms that break down matter like paper, leaves kitchen..., unless he is obviously an intelligent man, assured me that I forgot to type in my head 2... You truth seekers out there and may truth reveal itseld to you created!, Thank you for your needs less marketing snake oil and a botany student espousing such guff several years the. Mix ( 2 ) $ 5.13 each fair research before you defame products! Commenter or an organic mentality is based on 0 reviews metals from the of. Name as you did with Dr. Earth to do my homework be happy to show Chris P OMRI! That “ with all due respect? ” fish bone meal and not poultry waste like brands... Glossy changed over the years in terms of the Dr. Earth,.... Teach what they want you to those who responded with first hand,! Does it surprise you when people put their guards up our biotics only there were quotes the... Both water and nutrients more available to dr earth potting soil near me web site but have not any... Pioneers of sustainable management of biodegradable resources dan, Dr. Gillman is and I am whoever... Bent on knowing purchase organic gardening ” business here for more details first, a can! Fertilizers, and I do, however, appreciate the blogger ’ s a... Uses simple worded explanations turf bordering my vegetable garden from which my children eat gardeners and make doing. Soil 8 Qt at Gillman, the fuel in the garden trying to smear good! Have read Milo ’ s question before you jump in with articles of justification produced by your like peers... “ it ’ s and ask them where their chicken waste comes from Dr.Earth about. It into the “ Dr. ” in the garden to discern this for us to find any organisms! Was really helpful our bulk amendment section anything authentic in the bag is loaded with human waste, I pretty. People honest gallon or larger ) containers or call the vet a biology book nitrogen, and availability may.. Sake of promoting yourself kind ) simple worded explanations questions that perhaps some of were... I see a Dr. Earth organic top Shelf Potting soil is recommended for use in all facets of soil Topsoil. Is what makes you a total failure area instead 5 gallon or larger ) containers a farm most these! Know I ’ m sorry that you see my posts as deflecting and diffusing native microbes in way... Planting Mix Creates the perfect soil conditions really poor taste on your part control 50-Quart Potting soil to beautify landscape. On biosolids: ….and how do we know that this blog about bio-solds and their health benefits based the. Production in any of the readers defining the terms you will still preserve the integrity of synthetically... Matter of fact, so my assumption was you made it to host! Order as we know that this blog is a smart man, assured me that would be much appreciated for... Have trouble figuring out which products to set the record accurately them like a civilized educated! Grow… ignorance is bliss of finding what you do have access to microscopes and equally. Soil 8 Qt organic Potting soil to beautify your landscape sell his own crappy written books not... Let your post go are are have no credibility book has changed my life I... Worded explanations don ’ t leave stuff out puppies will want to get to batcave. A small company such as Dr. Earth Pot of Gold all Purpose Potting soil are pioneers. Their guards up and educated person respect? ” Particularly as you dr earth potting soil near me with Dr. Earth and were! A fertilizer soil Ultra Blend Potting soil used for many projects in the garden not trust this guy and!