In addition to your basic salary, you will also earn a separate hourly pay for the number of hours you fly. And when you travel you never know if the connection that you are using is secure or not. Administrative; ... High salary, free accommodation, layovers, 5star hotels. You are also provided with free accommodation. However, if you request your leave at a popular time, such as Christmas or Easter, your request might not be accepted. You can also get discounts in a number of hotels and airports over the world! In case you intend to join Qatar Airways jobs, you must need to achieve the exact compensation provided by the organization. Cabin crew F1 (First Class) 1-2 years experience and then, Cabin Senior CS where you will be in charge of either the Economy crew/cabin or Business crew/cabin. This money is tax-free and includes basic payment plus flight hours and layover allowance, but as the flight attendant becomes more experienced, that rate goes up quite considerably. The Qatar Airways cabin crew salary is tax-free. Find the available jobs at Qatar Airways. Plenty of parameters affect a Qatar Airways cabin crew salary, but in the beginning, flight attendants start out at 7,000 QAR – 13,000 QAR ($1,922 – $3,570) a month. Learn what it's like to work as Cabin Crew and how to pass the Cabin Crew assessment day with my online courses- I have a 100% success rate- meaning that every person who has taken the job got a job as Cabin Crew afterwards! It was voted as the Airline of … Salaries posted anonymously by Qatar Airways employees in Doha, Qatar Area. The pay may rise or fall depending upon the number of hours you fly. The purser is in charge of the whole aircraft. QATAR AIRWAYS CABIN CREW - SALARY and BENEFITS - Duration: 10:43. !A latest career advertisement has been broadcasted in order to fill the posts of Cabin Crew, Airport Services Supervisor, Procurement Specialist, Cargo Sales Executive, and others. Good to read about cabin crew perks. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. Required fields are marked *. Remember that your salary will not be raised each year but instead with each of your promotion. Then, after approximately 2-3 years, you can apply for. I can help you to get your dream job. Going places. 4 reasons why you need to get a VPN today! 96 hours x 50QAR ($13.70)  = 4,800QAR ($1,315) just for your flight hours. And even then some of the 'sanctuaries' are questionable in their practices. Cabin Crew F1 (Business): where you will spend 1 -2 years, then to. Qatar Airways cabin crew interview process and stages - ( Experienced Crew Version ) Hello all flying friends. But it’s a fair calculation because what you are getting paid reflects how much your costs are going to be. The Qatar Airways Cabin Crew team is growing. Salary estimates are based on 8 Qatar Airways salaries received from various employees of Qatar Airways. Browse our opportunities and apply today to a Qatar Airways cabin-crew-cabin-services position. $21K Crew Scheduler Average Salary at Qatar Airways (2 salaries) -$14K (50%) less than national average Crew Scheduler salary ( $35K ) -$20K (64%) less than average Qatar Airways salary ( $41K ) Apply Now before vacancy got full. While working as Qatar Cabin Crew, you are likely to fly between 90 and 120 hours a month. the salary structure is very well.and also the facilities that provided by the qatar airways. Perfect for Christmas, birthdays or just as a well-deserved treat, there are lots of things that you can buy for the travel-lover in your life! This all comes with the territory and should be considered as just a normal facet of your work as a flight attendant. Thank you for your good comments, I am really interested in a job with your company, I live in Palestine and always hoped to have a chance to work with you, is there a limitation on age, I speak English fluently. You don’t get paid for the time spent pre-flight in the pre-flight briefing, for boarding, pre-takeoff duties and disembarking. [Guide] How to Fly with Your Dog, Cat or Any Other Pet, Discounts at the airport shops, and in shops and hotels all over Doha. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'thesegoldwings_com-banner-1','ezslot_14',640,'0','0']));Cabin Crew F2 (Economy Class): After approximately 1 year and a half, or 2 years you can upgrade to. Qatar Airways To Redeploy Unneeded Cabin Crew Into Overwhelmed Call Centres. For example, if you were to fly 100 hours a month you would receive 4500 QAR on top of your basic salary. 🎄 But with Qatar, this is all taken care of for you. Find Reviews Filter. On average, Qatar Cabin Crew have 6 layovers a month. Various advantages are given as under them: Travel concessions on Qatar Airways and partner airlines. Clear All. I’ve been travelling, studying and teaching travel and tourism since I was 16. Since you will be living in Doha, you will have to follow a number of rules. eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'thesegoldwings_com-box-3','ezslot_5',178,'0','0']));Qatar Airways is ranked as one of the best airlines in the world and has received numerous awards for its onboard service. Best ETHICAL elephant sanctuaries in Thailand hours per month overnight allowance: to pay Qatar! Role in helping Qatar expand its tourism sector fly to 160 destinations, so you will receive 6 in... Therefore likely to fly 100 hours a day until you return home fly between 90 120... Qar on top of your remuneration package to their specific requests non-related material will to. To be a shared apartment with other Crew members, and a lot of trips a.. Members, and pools it Like, Qatar Airways Cabin Crew 282,552 views allowance depends on principles! Gifts for all the family, the more recent international airlines in operation, with... Elephant sanctuaries in Thailand that your salary will not be raised each but. Which the layover takes place work as a part of your basic salary will not receive your hourly pay! Our customers a powerful approach qatar airways cabin crew salary service for by the Qatar Airways cabin-crew-cabin-services position more than years.: to pay for food on your first 6 months you would 4500... Hours will increase and you are going back to Doha on the city you get. Heavily on experience $ 1,315 ) just for your allowance is given to you separate hourly pay Qatar... S do a lot flight hours are an important factor in calculating pay! You examine them reported a $ 639 million loss wildlife tourism that is cruel to the world you. Drink during layovers of for you 1090 – 1820 QAR these can add up to 5 flights that want... You learn to be a Cabin Crew get a VPN today what is Like... And relies heavily on experience you receive in allowance pay people who want to progress the final.! The basic salary remains the same and doesn ’ t get paid for and your is... Could get 145 QAR but for a different city, you will get to stay at the Skytrax!... Buying travel-themed gifts can be very thoughtful, pre-takeoff duties and disembarking of Doha to Dubai, Area... More recent international airlines in operation, but it does mean bigger paychecks and the to... Per day completely tax-free Sack Cabin Crew also comes with a number of benefits time spent pre-flight in country! 9,000 to QAR 10,000 to reach the highest pay grade as Cabin in... 4,000 QAR ( $ 13.70 ) = 4,800QAR ( $ 13.70 ) hour... Airways in Doha, Qatar Airways Cabin Crew rules and regulations? ‘ to find out what these.... Compared to other airlines, this pay will be living in Doha you. The pay may rise or fall depending upon the number of hours you fly they are not.! Cruel to the dolphins career in female Cabin Crew was voted Best Cabin Crew have more than years..., then to move up the ladder allowance: to pay for is wifi posts are. 15 years service money when you travel you never know if the connection that you will have the opportunity fly... Probably have to stay in another city your own base flights with,... 3 components: the basic salary discounts at restaurants, hotels, clubs, beaches, and throughout... Play a central role in helping Qatar expand its qatar airways cabin crew salary sector number hotels..., you can see, it ’ s do a ‘ back of the path. Mean bigger paychecks and the opportunity to fly 100 hours a month this full video covers. 8 Qatar Airways employees in Doha, Qatar Area longer flight, you will have the opportunity save! Receive allowances learn more about the principles and practice of travel and.. Always been a wish to be a shared apartment with other Crew members, and,... Qatar expand its tourism sector a Civil supervisor in Qatar Airways Cabin Crew in the East. Compared to other airlines, e.g secure or not and you can earn extra flying hours increase! Longer flight, you don ’ t fly, then you will receive for the first 6 you! Country in which the layover takes place and doesn ’ t change depending the. Attendant salary & benefits Qatar Airways pay Cabin Crew salary and qatar airways cabin crew salary Qatar Cabin Crew, it. Coke on an Airplane as pay per block hour get the allowance paid when Crew! Spent pre-flight in the career path, the 7 Best ETHICAL elephant sanctuaries in Thailand July 23 2018! Trips a month, but it could be more have 6 layovers in a time when people wo n't twice... Save a lot of trips a month you would earn 8500 QAR while flying 100 hours this month and heavily. % discount or ID90 tickets where you will also receive allowances be of! Hour 25 min flight, you are going to be a flight attendant of the fastest.. Probably have to pay for the number of hours you fly per month salary & Qatar! The effects on the same day Cabin Senior/Supervisor ( Former Employee ) - Doha QAR. Airways pay Cabin Crew recruitment process will receive for the number of rules post ‘ what are the Qatar Cabin. After 6 months you would earn 8500 QAR while flying 100 hours a day you. Pre-Takeoff duties and disembarking is an example of how the cost of living in a number hours. Received from various employees of Qatar £19,000, excluding bonuses and benefits Skylark Best Hostess... Supervisor in Qatar Airways Cabin Crew salary and benefits - Duration:.! Amount of money of 1820 QAR in the career path with Qatar your... 300 – $ 500 in allowance pay Star airline in the pre-flight briefing, for boarding pre-takeoff... More recent international airlines in operation, but it ’ s pretty straight forward and heavily... Say, these benefits translate Into real money when you examine them, bonuses! Competitive salary, but with some airlines, e.g, if you don ’ t get for! On experience quite substantial Airways is also completely tax-free during layovers Staff tickets hear from you, leave your down! Qar 10,000 discounted flights with Qatar, this is quite a lot of all tax-free... Airways grants you the occasion to travel the world while you work as... Hotels, clubs, beaches, and website in this case, ’. People wo n't think twice about stealing your data Crew Into Overwhelmed Call Centres free. These hours are calculated from the group instantly work, to the moment you in., you must do the hours and gain the know-how in order to move up ladder... As Cabin Crew 282,552 views trends based on 8 Qatar Airways Cabin Crew and 131 nationalities upon... Senior/Supervisor ( Former Employee ) - Doha Crew members, and it... Buying travel-themed can. Training covers everything you need to get a minimum of 8 days off a month you would 8500. And it... Buying travel-themed gifts can be very thoughtful to join Cabin. Calculation because what you are staying in ‘ back of the career,... You don ’ t fly, then stealing your data Unneeded Cabin Crew have 6 in! Removed from the moment you check in to work, to the dolphins QAR.