There are many free paint programs to be found doing a search with ( Bing, Ask, Google Yahoo). Thankfully, there is a way to do this. If you plan on doing this, one way to protect against unauthorized use is to only upload low-resolution images of your art. Keep in mind that it may be slightly tedious, but your artwork is definitely worth it! Mentally divide your artwork into … My budget is limited and I don’t have time for major learning. If your artwork is 8.5″ X 11″ or smaller, you can simply use a high quality scanner that hooks to your computer. Here are a options to get you thinking… 1. In terms of machine embroidery, digitizing is transforming pre-existing artwork into an embroidery design file that can run on your embroidery machine, by applying stitches to that artwork in your embroidery software. Embroidery digitizing is tracing artwork with stitches using embroidery software to turn it into embroidery files. How to scan large artwork. In the internet age, many artists use the internet to display or promote images of their work. The scanner can be replaced with a cheap digital camera to get an image into a computer. Royalty free image libraries for example, have been going for decades. Upload low-resolution images. I used inkscape to turn them into vector images and give them a bit of color. Embroidery Legacy April 24, 2019 at 2:00 pm - Reply. JJ digitizing helps you to embellish and popularize your brand through redefining your image and digitizing it with unparalleled Art work. More contrast between the edges of your painting and the white paper is always easier to digitize. Apart from photographing artwork, scanning is another method for converting your art into digital images.You can pay a scanning bureau to scan your work with a drum scanner, but you can often achieve good quality results with a flatbed scanner at home. Selecting Art for Digitizing. How to Digitize a Sketch Using Inkscape: I often make some sketches or draw random stuff that turns out quite well. If you are digitizing for the first time, try to pick a piece that has saturated and more defined colors. Selling artwork to earn passive income in the form of digital products or resources is a growing attraction for many designers and artists. There are many different ways you can “digitize” your artwork. Suggestions? How To Make Your Artwork Digital. It’s not a new concept though. With the help of our thoroughly skilled digitizers, we bring together our experience, the latest equipment and technology to serve you with 99.9% accuracy and 100% satisfaction. Standard Letter Size or Smaller. I want a simple program that I can use to digitize simple clip art for Bernina .art . But things have changed since then. For some sizes of artwork, even large scanners may not be enough. Hi Linda, Hi Linda, I would definitely try Hatch if you own a Bernina. Dramatically. Later, i used the… so i was looking for a way to take them off the scrap paper they were drew on. Introduction to scanning artwork. This is the process I use to digitize my art, it's super basic, but it works for me!