As you scamper along the trail, which is mostly dirt and pine duff with some rocky sections, you'll see the higher mountains towering above peeking through the trees. Father, son, Holy Ghost Campground! --from Holy Ghost Creek Frank Weissbarth's beautifully written fishing memoir evokes the private pleasures and the mystery of angling in small streams, beginning on a Rocky Mountain creek known as Holy Ghost. The campground is situated in a steep canyon on the banks of Holy Ghost Creek, isn’t that just divine! If you like picnicking, fishing, hiking, or any combination of the three, this campground is your best bet in Santa Fe National Forest. A couple months back, someone recommended that I read the book Holy Ghost Creek written by Frank D. Weissbarth. Between work, family, and fall hunting, the book sat on the shelf for longer than it should have until recently. (865) 522-2205 Legacy cabin on Holy Ghost Creek 17 miles north of Pecos in the Santa Fe National Forest. My good friend Mike was kind enough to let me borrow his copy. Bear left just before bridge across Pecos River taking Holy Ghost Canyon Rd 122 to a PAY STN. They seldom coexist on big rivers." It's set upon Holy Ghost Creek, which offers hiking trails and incredible nature views. Holy Ghost Creek by Frank D. Weissbarth. Explore and enjoy the palpable spirit of the great outdoors. The trail climbs the drainage that is called Holy Ghost Creek. We tend to stay at Jack's creek now, ever since that "incident" in 2005. CONFESSION Thursday evening during Adoration (5:30-7:00pm) Saturday following the 8am Mass Sunday morning in-between the Masses Sunday afternoon before the 5:00 Mass, upon request or call the office to schedule an appointment. You'll cross grassy meadows, find your way through thicker willow copse and finally climb up to open Ponderosa forest. Pay the $4 fee with Golden Age Passport then drive all the way to the end of the road to PARK (0.0 mi). Even though this spot is claimed to be haunted and scary, Holy Ghost Campground is a breathtakingly beautiful place to camp. I caught over a dozen eager browns, all on attractor drys. Holy Ghost Creek, Panchuela Creek-Pecos Wilderness I fished the Pecos Wilderness twice this year. On a very hot June day, I had the the pleasure of fishing the Wilderness section of Holy Ghost Creek all by my lonesome. The trail begins on the east side of the parking lot, climbing up the side of the canyon. Holy Ghost is an unincorporated community in San Miguel County, New Mexico, United States.The settlement is located within the Santa Fe National Forest, approximately 14 mi northeast of Santa Fe. The trail drops back down to Holy Ghost Creek and follows the creek up … We always loved Holy Ghost and Jack's Creek with equal measures- the great views, the cool nights, and of course, the great fishing. It was a perfect summer day of fishing. Holy Ghost is situated 4 miles southeast of Holy Ghost Creek. Holy Ghost Trailhead recieves less use than other trailheads that provide access to the lakes of the western wilderness.