If these civilizations had lived even today, then they would have gathered even more knowledge with time and probably been what Indian civilization is today. There is no other way around. So Sanskrit language words are an encyclopedia in itself, with each name describing one or more properties of what it represents. We saw an example of representing download and upload in our First Sanskrit Lesson. Especially explanation using ABSTRACT Class, DERIVED Class and its instances. Many a times these names are random in naturally evolved languages like English. But dictionaries of other languages keep increasing over time, because there words are independent from grammar. If you can’t make them bend, I’m afraid but we don’t live on a wobbling ball. So we have two issues here in non-Sanskrit languages. In fact, a Sanskrit dictionary similar to an English dictionary is not possible in the first place because objects do not have names in Sanskrit, only attributes do. Dhatu is a fixed set of very short words in Sanskrit Grammar representing ideas – any idea like an action, a property, etc. Continue your good work. Since the Dhatus have meanings attributed to them, and since there is a predefined process of deriving names in Sanskrit, all names in Sanskrit have meaning inherent in the name itself unlike in other languages. Since Sanskrit is an extremely well structured language with no ambiguity in its grammar , Sanskrit Sentences can easily be used in computational language unlike other natural languages whose sentences are ambiguous and whose grammar is extremely complex making it difficult to write compilers which can understand English sentences. There HAVE TO BE a container for AIR PRESSURE to exist. Here, have a look and tell me if you have proofs that are contradictions to the proofs I present here. or b/w a dove & eagle? Standing bodies of water DOES NOT! Some of the worksheets for this concept are Dhatu roop of bhu sanskrit, Sanskrit nar shabd roop. In fact there is a huge number of combinations possible from each dhatu, and we will learn about the actual process of creating words, combination of words, sentences, meanings and so on in the future lessons of Sanskrit grammar. Sure planning to collect them all in detail and post in some future lesson. NOT random. DHATU ROOP FOR VERBS WHICH PROVIDE THE RULES FOR USING THE CORRECT FORM OF THE VERB BASED ON TENSE PERSON AND SINGULAR DUAL PLURAL USAGE' 'class ix sanskrit … Perhaps this wrong approach in language would have been the cause of caste system that exists even in our times. अस् धातु के धातु रूप संस्कृत में सभी लकारों, पुरुष एवं तीनों वचन में अस् धातु रूप (As Dhatu Roop) नीचे दिये गये हैं। 1. Africa people used to hunt and eat the wild animals and drink their blood, it still happens in many parts of Africa. For instance, a Mouse might be either an animal, or a computer hardware device. In other words, Sanskrit names themselves are like General Knowledge, packed with facts. More on this instance creation later. So don’t worry much if you don’t understand this yet. It IS the most perfect tool we have in this world. So you don’t need ever expanding dictionaries in Sanskrit as new words are created, because they can easily be split into their root dhatus to extract the meanings of these new words. Be it Egyptian civilization or Sumerian or Mayan or Mesapotomian or Babylonian – they all do not exist today. However, Sanskrit is not the unified language. For instance, the French city of Lyon was originally called Lugdunum, a Gallish world meaning “the stronghold (-dunum) of Lug”, who was a god of sun and light. Dear Gurudev, you work is simply superb. But if you are an expert in Sanskrit grammar, you rarely need a Sanskrit dictionary. Doesn’t it make things ambiguous? In Sydney and Bharatverse also in universe you see the sea of sanskrit sanskaar software synchronizatoin in all expect of life Social mental astral geological chemical physical Biological archeological and all vikalp you can imagine ever in past present or future you never go disappointed with ancient devvani rather you do with aakaashvani Bharat boomee yuge yuge Gravity is driven by grahaviti holding power of graha Scientists also sey gravity hold anything even the whole cosmos is interrelated due to gravity waves Theory of everything you must read Stephen’s Hawkins nothing says other than our Vedas already said Yatha pinday tatha brahamandey What you have in your body That is already in cosmos Hindu rituals are symbolic to origin of brahamand and cold deth of it In bharat the season of cold is called yamraj time Many of eldest person died during cold season If you and guruji and me make a sangathan trio’s we change the face towards bharat of all the world. In case of attributes which are common among many objects, by mentioning a few more attribute names of that object, we can tell which object is exactly being referred to. Kr is a Dhatu which means to do. I like your way of teaching and explanation. But don’t we need a dictionary to at least say, Well as I said earlier, Jala is one of the names of water. Sometimes you might have multiple objects in English with the same name. Mainstream media is a BIG part of it, not to mention the TV Screens. Even if you are an expert in English grammar, you cannot know what a name means because unlike in Sanskrit, names are independent of the grammar in all other languages on this planet. It’s a belief that matter is created from nothing for no reason. Now when you apply this attribute to a specific object like say a Lion, it becomes an instance of this derived class Mrigam. The second natural consequence of this is, the names may or may not give you any information of the object it represents. Remember this term, as we will be using it quite often. Cow is not a Mrga, Lion is. Books gets lost, human memory doesn’t! These lesson are becoming Dhatus for learning Sanskrit. This is a great innovation, which many of us ignore, just like the way we ignore the wonderful idea of place value based number representation invented by ancient Indians. What is the dhatu roop of pach of sanskrit in all 5 lakar. The typography of the lands explain us that the LANDS have deviation AND elevation. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. Looking forward to learn some language history of India. For example in English the word Quiz means nothing without a dictionary, or the word Magma means nothing without a dictionary. For instance, as we saw earlier, Khaga can be used for anything that moves in the sky. Gurudev is the developer of Gurunudi AI Platform. So, the term Kartari also tells us what exactly it does, unlike in English. The answer is that unlike grammar in other languages whose basic building blocks are many different classes called Parts of Speech, the basic building blocks of Sanskrit grammar are just a group of root words called Dhatu. If you don’t know what BNF notation (Backus-Naur Form) is, it is a notation for writing context free grammars and all modern computer programming languages make use of these notations. Thanks for teching us! Cows and cattle are restrained by tying them up using ropes. The best way to understand it's use is in reference to word definitions. I’ll share your page with like minded people. Sir, you have mentioned in this page that there are 2012 dhatu in Sanskrit but on the page where you have listed all dhatu it counts to 1531 as per your count. If you cannot be sure what an object is by looking at its single attribute name, look for multiple attribute names of that object. Then the word Sakriya is derived from this Dhatu and means being active. Then you have closed word classes like pronouns, conjunctions etc which are a fixed set of predefined words in English. ga means to move or to go.